Silver Lake Together’s Incumbent Candidates Accomplishments

as SLNC board members:

Under the leadership of many of our SLT teammates, the SLNC board created and/or supported the following SLNC Achievements:

  • Worked closely with the LADWP and residents to ensure the reservoirs were re-filled

  • Slow Down Silver Lake Yard Sign Campaign

  • Loyola Marymount/SLNC Silver Lake Reservoir Complex Open Space Study

  • Silver Lake South Dam and Ivanhoe Walking Paths Community Meetings

  • Worked with DWP/R&P’s to end the use of poisons on SLRC property

  • Partnering with the Silver Lake Library, the “Words Can Help…And Hurt” Conversations

  • Co-sponsored a speaker series on climate change and biodiversity with the Silver Lake Library

  • First NC to host a discussion with Christopher Hawthorne, the City's first Chief Design Officer

  • Silver Lake Mailer/Magnet

  • Silver Lake Stairway Maps


Our record of board efficiency, since January 2017:

  • Held 26 regularly scheduled monthly Board and 5 special board meetings

  • 98% completion rate of agenda items.

  • 99.9% of meetings completed before scheduled adjournment.

  • Budgets were spent within our fiscal years, with no money going back to the city

  • Hundreds of board and committee motions were vetted and approved.

The SLT Team makes up 11 out of 16 SLNC Advisory Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Budget & Finance: David Valdez, Region 5 Candidate

  • Bylaws & Standing Rules: Anne-Marie Johnson, At-Large Candidate

  • Executive Committee: Darius Derakshan, At-Large Candidate

  • Governmental Affairs: Barbara Ringuette, Region 2 and David Valdez, Region 5 Candidates

  • Green: Bob Lisauskas, Region 5 Candidate

  • History Collective: Michael Masterson, Region 7 Candidate

  • Homelessness In Silver Lake: Darius Derakshan, At-Large Candidate

  • Outreach: Betsy Isroelit, Region 6 Candidate

  • Silver Lake Reservoir Complex: Janis Purins, Region 7 Candidate

  • Transportation and Neighborhood Safety: Tony Michaelis, At-Large Candidate

  • Urban Design and Preservation: Scott Plante, At-Large Candidate


Board Liaisons:

  • Budget Advocates: Barbara Ringuette and Tony Michaelis

  • Animal Service: Taryn Poole

  • Sustainability Allicance: Bob Lisauskas

  • Alliance of L.A. River Communities: Barbara Ringuette

  • LADWP MOU Oversight & Advocacy: Anne-Marie Johnson

  • Plan CheckLA: Barbara Ringuette