Blue Herons Nesting Peacefully Again


Famous blue herons had moved on to quieter digs just off the Ivanhoe Reservoir on Tesla. Their new home is relatively peaceful and since 2018, the herons have successfully hatched and raised chicks. But protecting their urban sanctuary requires ongoing vigilance, as community activists discovered – again.

Last week, Susan Hutchinson and Hugh Kenny reported that crews were jack-hammering directly under a nest, where chicks were recently born. They reported the incident to LADWP but Silver Lake Together (SLT) advocates determined the work was being done by a Bureau of Street Lighting contractor. After speaking with the foreman, SLT escalated the concern to Rachel Fox, and the Council District 4 team, which contacted Street Lighting. The contractor was told to immediately stop work in the area until the nesting season ends in mid-August. This incident shows that community can make a difference. If
you see issues that concern you, be sure to get the contractor’s name and contact information and email it to We are here to help you connect with the right departments or individuals. (Thanks to Susan Hutchinson, Hugh Kenny, Rachel Fox and CD4 for acting quickly to protect the herons.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (1918) makes it illegal to disturb nests, even through noise.

Published March 5, 2020

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