Growth ● Development ● Preservation

Housing growth and increased density are realities of living in an urban setting. In order to have a voice in how this growth occurs, we believe the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council must engage in constructive conversations with city planners and real estate and commercial developers.  Along with providing a voice for tenants, homeowners and businesspeople to articulate their positions and foster an open and transparent dialogue, Silver Lake Together will work to be a the bridge between those developing new housing and commercial establishments AND the community.  Silver Lake Together is committed to helping preserve the unique character of Silver Lake while addressing the need for affordable low-cost housing and responsible commercial development. Our team will work with our city agency partners to ensure that all points of view are heard and encourage actions resulting in solutions that work for our neighborhoods.  


Traffic ● Parking ● Safety

Traffic, parking and neighborhood safety are key issues that affect us all. Silver Lake Together is committed to maintaining and improving our working relationships with city-charter partners (City Council, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Bureau of Street Services, Department of Transportation and others) to help create solutions on a street-by-street basis. At the same time, we believe these community-wide issues can only be solved with comprehensive solutions.   We are committed to improving pedestrian safety through enhanced crosswalks, expediting street and sidewalk resurfacing, minimizing the loss of residential parking through parking permit districts, expanding DASH buses and advocating for effective cut through traffic solutions and more. If elected, Silver Lake Together will work to develop realistic plans through honest conversations and community meetings. We will also work to strengthen Silver Lake’s relationships with the LAPD and Los Angeles Fire Department to find ways to provide and receive helpful information in a more timely fashion.


Those without Shelter

As in other parts of Los Angeles, Silver Lake struggles with the challenges posed by the ongoing homelessness crisis. Though this crisis may not be immediately solvable, members of the Silver Lake Together slate are involved in helping to alleviate some of the immediate problems experienced by our unhoused neighbors. Already, SLNC board members have supported efforts like Safe Parking for people experiencing vehicular homelessness, Bridge Housing, funding hygiene kit drives, and engaging with unhoused residents of our community through involvement with outreach groups like SELAH neighborhood homeless coalition. We plan to continue advocating for our neighbors experiencing homelessness by providing oversight of how Measure H and Measure HHH funds are being spent and allocated in Silver Lake, and by continuing to advocate for our neighbors in support of things like access to bathrooms and showers, job training, improved management of trash at encampment sites, a homeless shelter, and more affordable housing in Silver Lake.


Rowena Avenue

Our primary interest is in building connections - not pitting streets and community members against one another. Silver Lake Together regards neighbors and their safety on Angus, Kenilworth, Rowena, Waverly, Lakewood, Occidental, and Earl equally. We will not support the reversal of Rowena Ave. When elected, we will be committed to holding community meetings, maintaining a transparent process, and listening first before committing to a singular position regarding the safety needs of our community.  


The Future Of The Silver Lake Reservoir Complex

Silver Lake Together will strive to make sure that the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is the driving force that ensures the Silver Lake Master Plan procedure is an honest and open process, welcoming all points of view. Neighborhood Councils are a city-chartered agency and by law must provide full disclosure. They are not a special interest group with a private agenda and meetings closed to the public. Although we are a team of 19 individuals, we share a common desire: When elected, we will work closely with our partners at the Bureau of Engineering, the LADWP and project facilitators Hargreaves LLP. Collectively we will support proposals that include: preservation, maintenance and responsible enhancements of the complex, protection and conservation of wildlife and improvements that support the overall integrity and performance of the complex infrastructure. At the same time, Silver Lake Together realizes we all must be realistic when it comes to what is and what is not possible with regard to the future of the reservoir. Only through a strong working relationship with our city charter partners–and with community meetings hosted by the SLNC – will we all, collectively, find common ground.