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Black Lives Tattered

The names of 260 Black and Brown Americans that are woven into the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex fence have become faded, tattered and, in many cases, unreadable. The “Say Their Names: Silver Lake Memorial,” was organized by community members in June

It is time to remove the names from the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex fence. Although this art installation was a thought provoking and haunting reminder of myriad injustices forced upon Black and Brown Americans to all who walked, drove or ran by, the irony of the faded, worn-out and discarded condition of the names is not lost. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has respectfully left the decision to remove the installation to the organizers. The Silver Lake Together Advocacy Team respectfully asks the organizers to take the initiative, remove the names, and focus on securing a permanent memorial that honors these individuals now and in the future.

In July, the Silver Lake History Collective, which archives digital histories of people and significant events in the community, produced a video that creates a permanent record of the project.


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