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Once Again: It's Silver Lake, not Silverlake

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The Eastsider recently reported that the correct spelling of Silver Lake is still being debated. Cheryl Revkin, co-chair of the Silver Lake History Collective and founder of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce, answered the question with a resounding, “Definitely two words.“ The City of L.A. and LADWP officially refer to our community as Silver Lake, but there is a one-word contingent, led primarily by local businesses, who continue to spell it incorrectly — think Silverlake Ramen and the Sunset Junction sign that welcomes visitors to “Silverlake.”

We encourage residents and businesses to use the correct spelling. After all, we don’t say Beverlyhills, Santamonica or Centurycity!

Read the article here.


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