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Tree Arsonist Spreads Terror in Silver Lake

An alleged arsonist set fire to these cypress trees on Tesla Avenue in Silver Lake.

During Silver Lake Together's community meeting on April 13, Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Arson Investigator Robert McLoud reported on the status of the arsonist who has been terrorizing residents in the northeast area of Los Angeles, including Silver Lake. According to Investigator McLoud, dozens of fires have been intentionally set in Silver Lake and surrounding communities, specifically targeting cypress trees. There have been myriad clues and reports of the alleged arsonist, and the LAFD believes they are very close to apprehending the suspect. If there are cypress trees on your property, Investigator McLoud recommends hydrating the first 10 feet of the tree starting from the base—including the tree’s interior—to help stave off a fire. Please remember that regardless of the healthy appearance of a cypress tree, the interior is dry and brittle, making them extremely flammable. Investigator McLoud thanked community members for working closely with the arson team to apprehend the arsonist. Contact Investigator McLoud at

Read the Eastsider article here.

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