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Reservoir Master Plan


The final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex (SLRC) Master Plan, all 1,580 pages, has been released by the Bureau of Engineering. In compliance with California law, the EIR analyzes the potential environmental impact associated with the redesign of the SLRC and will next go to the Los Angeles City Council to review, consider and potentially certify the report. SLT recommends that community members take a deep breath, study the recommendations, carefully consider their impact on our residential community and contact city council representatives before they are voted on.

Taking a Deep Breath

Silver Lake Together strongly recommends that members of our community take a deep breath, study the recommendations, think about their impact on our historic neighborhoods and share concerns and questions with our city council representatives.


To make that task easier, here is a summary of some of the changes made as a result of the public comment period after the first EIR draft, as well as highlights to the Master Plan:


1. The floating dock is gone. No public access to water activities would be allowed, including guided kayak and/or canoe tours.


2. Amplified speakers during special events are removed. However, special events would still be allowed up to 12 times per year as detailed in the report.


3. Fences will remain or be constructed around LADWP facilities. The fences would be approximately 8 feet high, with a minimum 6-inch clear zone along the bottom for small mammals to pass through.


4. 15 parking spaces will be added. The spaces will be added along the grassy area adjacent to the Silver Lake Recreation Center. The current 10 spaces will be converted to 90-degree parking and would result in a total of approximately 25 parking spaces, thus adding a net increase in parking of approximately 15 spaces at this location.


5. A new EIR will not be recirculated. The changes to the EIR are not considered “significant new information.”


6. Funding is not currently available. Approval of the proposed project and certification of the EIR does not have a direct fiscal impact as yet because there is no obligation of funding. Nevertheless, fundraising efforts may be initiated while funding sources are pursued. Upon certification of the EIR, the City would work to identify a site operator and potential sources of funding for design and construction, such as Federal, State, and City special funds, general funds and grant funding. Non-profit grants and donations may also be potential sources of funding. It is possible that the proposed Project would be implemented in phases, as funding is secured.


7. Costs are not estimated. In the first draft of the EIR ( December 2020), total construction costs were estimated at $268,500,000. (Yes, that’s nearly $300 million.) Estimated costs are not included in the second draft.


8. Construction. The extended funding program could mean multiple years of construction on the 116 acres that serve as a wildlife preserve.


For more information, contact:


Dr. Jan Green Rebstock

Environmental Affairs Officer

Bureau of Engineering - Department of Public Works

1149 S. Broadway, Suite 600

Los Angeles, CA 90015

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