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2024 Goals

Pexels photo by Jill Wellington

The new year is all about resolutions and goals. Here are Silver Lake Together Advocacy

Team’s top priorities for the year ahead. We hope you will join us in making Silver Lake

better for all by focusing on these issues that impact our neighborhoods.

• Secure a dedicated traffic light turning arrow at the dangerous intersection of Glendale

Boulevard and Riverside Drive.

• Work with LADWP to prohibit all unauthorized signs or “art installations” posted on the

Silver Lake Reservoir Complex fence.

• Enforce the Los Angeles Municipal Code that prohibits dogs in the meadow and the

Grassy Knoll picnic area.

• Keep the Meadow an area for passive and non-business activities as it was originally


• Work with LAPD to add a motor officer who will regularly patrol and ticket infractions on

Silver Lake Blvd. at Duane Street.

• Join together as a community to enforce the state-wide prohibition of the sale of new

gas-powered blowers, mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws and power washers, which

went into effect on January 1. The city of Los Angeles banned gas-powered leaf blower

use in 1998.

• Increase the reach of Silver Lake Together.


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