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Actual WGA Deal Terms

A substantial number of writers and actors live in Silver Lake and the entertainment industry strikes have had a strong impact on the community. However, it appears the WGA

(writers) has come to terms with the AMPTP (studios), and after an almost five months-long strike, a tentative contract will be fast tracked for membership approval. In the interim, writers are allowed to head back to work ASAP. As congratulations are in order, please let’s not forget about the SAG-AFTRA members (actors) who joined WGA members on picket lines from day one of the work stoppage. SAG-AFTRA is still on strike. Let’s hope the WGA continues to stand with SAG-AFTRA until all union members are back to work with livable wages and working conditions.

A community member sent SLT the facts on the actual WGA deal terms. Read them here.

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