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Beloved Blue Herons Return to Silver Lake

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Spring is here and Silver Lake’s iconic Blue Herons are nesting again in their favorite

Silver Lake tree, not worried by thoughts of COVID restrictions or openings. For decades,

the majestic birds built nests within the reservoir complex. However, after a large-scale

construction project required the draining of both Silver Lake Reservoirs for over two

years, they relocated to quieter digs on private property just outside the Ivanhoe

Reservoir. Their new home is relatively peaceful and since 2018, they have successfully

hatched and raised chicks. But their urban sanctuary must be protected and Silver Lake

Together has alerted LADWP and Street Services that it is heron nesting season. This

means there should be no adjacent projects or noise.

Please do your part and protect our precious herons. If you hear or see activities that

interfere with their peace, email and we will notify the

and we will notify the appropriate city agency.



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