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Councilmember Ryu Continues to Lead Charge on City Hall Clean Up

Los Angeles City Council has approved legislation co-introduced by CD 4 Councilmember

David Ryu to raise the recusal requirement standard for members of the city council.

According to the press release, the motion instructs the city’s Ethics Commission to

consider the standards other agencies apply to determine when councilmembers must

recuse themselves from official acts, and highlights the recusal model used by the Los

Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“We need a robust and fully publicly-financed election system to root out corruption once

and for all ” said Councilmember Ryu, who has made it a top priority to fight corruption in

City Hall. He successfully fought for a comprehensive ban on developer donations, which

was passed into law last year. Earlier this year, Ryu introduced a package of anti-corruption

legislation that included a motion to establish an Inspector General’s Office,

which was approved by the City Council in August.


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