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Dog Owners Ignore Silver Lake Meadow Rules

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Based on a flurry of posts on Next Door, residents are concerned that an increasing

number of pet owners are ignoring the city’s “no dogs allowed” ordinance in the grassy

area known as the Meadow, located next to the reservoirs. Individuals who posted also

noted that a large “no dogs” banner has been removed and requested that new signs be

installed. The Meadow was designed to be a safe area where children can play in the

grass without the risk of stepping in “poo” or being accosted by off leash dogs. Silver Lake

Together has reported the issue to LADWP and LAPD and requested that the department

of Rec and Parks investigate and look into obtaining new signs.

Concerned about off leash dogs in the Meadow or on Silver Lake streets? Email



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