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Find the Heron (Hint Below)

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

After the reservoirs were empty for nearly two years, coupled with massive construction,

Silver Lake’s famous blue herons said enough is enough and moved into new digs across

the street on Tesla. This week, a Silver Lake Together advocate spotted a heron standing

on her nest in the nesting area (within the reservoirs complex) off West Silver Lake Drive.

(Hint: If you look closely, you can see Ms. Heron in the upper branches.) This is great

news for the survival of great blue herons in Silver Lake and Silver Lake Together will work

closely with LADWP and the Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary to ensure the giant birds are

protected when work on the reservoirs aeration and recirculation project begins this year.

Speaking of quiet: Herons are still nesting on Tesla but in appears their tree was recently

trimmed. The birds have not moved but loud noises and branch removal could endanger

the herons and their babies. If you see work that could harm the herons, please mention it

If you see work that could harm the herons, please mention it

to the appropriate individuals or email

Read about the upcoming reservoirs project here.



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