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Gentrification: The Final Nail in Silver Lake’s Gentrifying Coffin or Positive Change?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Illustration by Alex Fine. This Los Angeles Magazine image of Silver Lake’s new-ish Erewhon grocery store captures the gentrification in Silver Lake that has led to higher housing prices and the loss of affordable housing. Read the article here.

Architect Scott Plante, who is co-founder of Silver Lake Together and co-chair of Silver

Lake’s Urban Design & Preservation Committee, takes an honest look at the pros and

cons of gentrification in a thoughtful article on housing costs in Silver Lake, described by

GQ in 2018 as “L.A.’s Most Tragically Hip Neighborhood.”

As Plante says, “Whether we welcome or decry gentrification, it’s an undisputed cause of

both the lack of affordable housing and higher property values in Silver Lake.”

Read the article here.


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