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Is the Hoover Underpass a Dumping Ground?

Electrical lines running across Hoover Street, Observed September 27

By Scott D. Plante, AIA

Architect, Member of the Silver Lake Urban Design and Preservation Committee

Co-founder, Silver Lake Together

What is the status of a cleanup for the homeless encampment on Hoover Street at the 101 Freeway overpass?

The area is filthy, filled with trash—and it is TRASH: used plastic cups, discarded food wrappers and other debris. Sidewalks are blocked, preventing safe public access. Vermin have been witnessed in the area. Most shockingly, electrical lines run across Hoover Street, which is a serious safety issue. And I believe I witnessed a drug purchase last night. Our neighborhood is becoming a dumping ground for trash. Enough is enough.

Residents north of the overpass can't walk safely to the soccer field at the corner, or any of the businesses at the Beverly/Virgil intersection. Camino Nuevo High School is within walking distance of this encampment, and students have been seen walking in the street – a safety issue.

Our neighborhood is becoming a dumping ground for trash. Enough is enough. The area has gotten worse over the last year. Once cleared, the area is now filled to the brim with tents. Residents are disgusted, make note, and feel Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez is not doing anything about this problem. While we all recognize the complexity of the homelessness problem, and have sympathy for those living there, the cleanliness needs to be addressed immediately and access to the public right of way returned.

Is the Council District actually serious about cleaning up this encampment? Why does Echo Park Lake remain encampment free, while Hoover Street – and other areas in the district - suffer?

After contacting the Council District, they stated a clean-up is scheduled for Thursday, September 28. Further details were not able to be obtained. As I drive through the area tomorrow, I will note if the Council District has acted.

Update: On September 28, the area had not been cleaned due to a scheduling issue. Will keep following up.

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