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Mountain Lion P-22 Again Spotted in Silver Lake

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Photo by Ignacio Genzon for the Los Angeles Times

On March 10 we reported the news that that L.A.’s most famous mountain lion, P-22, was seen on Berkley Circle in Silver Lake but had safely returned to his regular stomping grounds in Griffith Park. However, on March 26, the Los Angeles Times reported a mountain lion was seen heading northbound on Benton Way about a half-mile below the Silver Lake Reservoir. The big cat wore a collar around its neck and is believed to be P-22, the only mountain lion known to reside in the Griffith Park area.

We urge residents and drivers to be careful when walking or driving in the area, both to protect themselves and all wildlife. P-22 is a reminder that we live in a crucial pathway for wildlife traveling between Griffith Park and the L.A. River.

Read the Los Angeles Times' article on P-22's most recent visit to Silver Lake here.


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