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Nancy Drew Is On The Case

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Everyone who has driven or walked near the intersection of Rowena, Glendale and

Lakewood has noticed the unsightly development that has been stalled for several years.

Silver Lake resident and Urban Design and Preservation member Debbie Slater put her

Nancy Drew sleuth hat on, polished her magnifying glass and provided this timely update

on the 2800 Glendale Boulevard project.

A building permit for the site was issued in September 2018 to Everelle Build, a small

Silver Lake-based residential construction firm. Construction started, and the project

immediately faced challenges. The pandemic exacerbated those challenges, with the

project being mothballed. Construction resumed over the summer. Window installation and

roof panels have been installed and further activities will increase the pace of the project.

Completion is expected within a year. Hardy Wronske, owner of Everelle, told Slater that

he is in regular contact with the neighbors to manage security and construction logistics.

Mr. Wronkse, who in a previous iteration of Everelle built the well-regarded Buzz Court

small lot homes project on Rowena, apologized to the community and believes once 2800

Glendale is completed “it will indefinitely improve the vacant lot it replaces.”


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