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New Dumping Ground?

The unsafe and unhealthy encampment on the Hoover underpass has been cleaned up

thanks to SLT’s advocacy and community initiatives.

By Scott D. Plante, AIA

Architect, Member of the Silver Lake Urban Design and Preservation Committee

Co-founder, Silver Lake Together

In SLT’s last issue we reported that the Hoover underpass was becoming a dumping

ground for trash associated with a homeless encampment. Thanks to SLT advocacy and

community support, the area was cleaned up on October 12. Multiple city employees and

vehicles were observed moving the unhoused and removing debris and safety hazards,

which included unauthorized and dangerous electrical lines running across Hoover Street.

SLT drives through the area regularly, and as of November 27 the Hoover underpass has

remained clean and safe.

But there is more to do. SLT is working to clean up other unsafe encampments located in

Council District 13. The first is on Silver Lake Boulevard, at the 101 Freeway, where

similar safety issues are present. Moreover, SLT supports the efforts of residents to

remove an encampment under the Silver Lake Boulevard/Sunset Boulevard overpass.

This area had been cleared, but over the last year the encampment and resultant safety

issues have returned.

Read the original article here.

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