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Noted Composer Elected to Co-chair Silver Lake’s Urban Design and Preservation Committee

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Silver Lake’s Urban Design and Preservation Committee (UDP) has a new-co-chair, David Wheatley, an award-winning organist, pianist, composer, and decades-long Silver Lake resident. David has a diverse musical background, including performing the Bach B Minor Mass with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.; solo noontime recitals at The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles; playing the legendary Twentieth Century Fox organ with an orchestra for part of the soundtrack of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” and playing organ for Texas Rangers baseball games. His film credits include “Curse of the Dragon” starring Bruce Lee and “The Golden Child” starring Eddie Murphy. He is passionate about preserving Silver Lake’s architectural integrity and maintaining affordable housing. David was preceded as UDP co-chair by Scott Plante and Anne-Marie Johnson.

Learn more about David's background here.
Enjoy a sampling of his music here.

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