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Reservoir Rumors Debunked

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Recently, Next Door and other social media platforms lit up with reports that LADWP was

poised to vote on a resolution to not refill decommissioned reservoirs with water from any

source, which would lead to the Silver Lake Reservoirs and others going dry. SLT

investigated and found that a resolution introduced by LADWP Commissioner Mia Lehrer

was pulled from the agenda of the May 9 DWP Board Of Commissioners meeting and the

rumor was false.

According to a source at the city, "The goal of the LADWP is to maintain a healthy water

level of the Silver Lake Reservoirs when possible. But if our region is faced with 'extreme

drought conditions,' the evaporating water will not be replaced.”

LADWP is supporting clarifying language in the new draft of the master plan EIR stating

that decommissioned reservoirs will not be refilled during extreme drought conditions until

conditions allow for refilling.

The aeration and recirculation project that is in progress at the reservoirs will continue.

The project is said to cost millions of dollars and is expected to be complete in 2025. The

reservoirs have already been re-piped to bring water from the Pollock Wells.

Lehrer, the author of the pulled resolution that would prohibit the DWP from refilling the

reservoirs lost her firm’s bid to draft the new SLRC Master Plan. Many community

members feel she is not taking into consideration urban wildlife and migratory birds which

rely on the water in the reservoirs and the residents who rely on the restorative beauty the

complex provides.


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