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Reservoirs Aeration and Recirculation Update: Ivanhoe Reservoir to be Drained Late April/Early May

Updated: May 31, 2022

A new aeration system will use the existing spillway between the two reservoirs and is designed to slow algae growth and reduce potential related odors from anaerobic conditions. (Photo: LADWP)

As part of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) Aeration and Recirculation infrastructure installation, the Ivanhoe Reservoir will be drained into Silver Lake beginning in late April or early May 2022. Nesting bird surveys have been conducted and monitoring will be implemented, if necessary, to ensure the wellbeing of wildlife and nesting birds. LADWP will report the results of any surveys on nesting birds to Silver Lake Together.

During the installation, the Ivanhoe pedestrian walkway will be closed for a few hours to provide crews access by boat to facilitate the installation of the equipment. Part of the installation will include a crane that will be delivered to the site and will not impact the pathway access to the community. Once the work within the Ivanhoe Reservoir is completed, the reservoir will be refilled with water from Silver Lake Reservoir, planned for summer 2023.

The aeration system, which includes pumps and pipelines designed to transfer water from the southern end of Silver Lake Reservoir to the northern end of Ivanhoe Reservoir, will use compressors installed on the northeast side of Silver Lake Reservoir to supply air to a series of mixing equipment inside each reservoir. The equipment will increase the oxygen level at the bottom of the reservoir and locally mix the water around it.


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