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Silver Lake’s Most Popular Topic: The Dog Park

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

At a recent Silver Lake Reservoirs Committee meeting the subject of how to improve the

community’s dog park came up — again. The fenced, off-leash park includes a separate

area for smaller pets and is located at 1893-1899 Silver Lake Boulevard. Although the

park is popular, users have a litany of common complaints: no grass, no shade, too much

fighting and biting. And although a survey conducted by Loyola Marymount University in

2019 showed respondents thought the “a place to… allow dogs off leash (28.34%)” was

the most important benefit of the reservoirs, significant improvements are still a work in

progress. Moreover, improvements suggested in the Reservoirs Complex Master Plan

would require closing the dog parks during the upgrades. The committee plans to look at

dog parks in other communities, such as Alice’s Dog Park in Pasadena, and report back.

Please send your ideas on how to improve the dog park to


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