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Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary Challenges Community Members to Do Their Homework

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Proposed Reservoir Master Plan

At the recent Silver Lake Together (SLT) community meeting, the Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (SLWS) called on residents and stakeholders to read the organization's full scoping comments submitted for environmental review of the proposed Silver Lake Reservoir Complex Master Plan. According to the Sanctuary, “These comments identify numerous potential adverse impacts associated with development and increased intensity of use of this site that would be allowed under the proposed Master Plan that must be thoroughly analyzed in the environmental impact report (“EIR”) for this project.”

During the presentation, The Sanctuary also noted that the city has not submitted an accurate project description, addressed fencing, defined the so-called Education Center or delineated a construction timeline or its impact. (According to the SLWS, eight stand alone projects or phases are estimated to take 18-24 months construction time each with a timeline of 16 years or longer. The city has also not detailed night-time use and lighting, public water activities and numerous project elements.

Read the Sanctuary's full comments here.

Silver Lake Reservoir Master Plan map.

Learn more about the Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary.

Review the petition to establish a Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary.

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