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"Take Charge" Signs Popping Up in Silver Lake

Garden-sized signs promoting the use of electric blowers—rather than noisy, unhealthy

gas leaf blowers—are sprouting up across Silver Lake, thanks to a new Silver Lake

Together campaign. The advocacy organization is offering free “Take Charge” signs to

residents and businesses who support the use of electric blowers, brooms and rakes and

would like to encourage their neighbors to switch to an environmentally friendly

option. Campaign organizers note that the noise and air pollution created by gas leaf

blowers is a growing concern in Silver Lake. Gas blowers are also illegal and are

dangerous to the health of the person using the blower. The eye-catching signs feature a

“take charge” cartoon character.

Order your free "Take Charge" sign by emailing

Learn more about the dangers of gas-powered leaf blowers and the penalties for using them here.



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