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The Meadows: Peaceful Retreat or Free-for-All?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Photo: Silver Lake Conservancy

The Meadows, nestled within the Silver Lake Reservoirs Complex, was developed after years of negotiations between city agencies and Silver Lake residents, as a passive-activity-only, dog-free park. Organized sports, fee-based classes, dogs on or off leash, or amplified sound are prohibited within the area. The park is intended to be a safe and quiet outdoor space, inviting those who want to fly a kite, relax, practice yoga/meditation, or simply enjoy observing the wildlife with whom we share the space. Unfortunately too many, on a regular basis, refuse to respect the space and instead violate its bucolic setting by bringing in their dogs, noise, and worse. Last Sunday night, after the Meadows “closed,” a well-organized underground concert was held, featuring three bands playing amplified music. The sounds of the music and cheering crowd could be heard blocks away. The event ended after 10:00 p.m. and many calls were made to the LAPD’s non-emergency number. Silver Lake Together estimates there were at least 100 concertgoers.

For the past three years, SLT has seen an uptick in complaints regarding activity at The Meadows. Including multiple dog bites. The Silver Lake Advocacy Team will meet with representatives from CD 13, LAPD, Recreation and Parks, Silver Lake Rec Center, and LADWP to discuss how the city can better regulate park activity, and to ensure all city codes are respected. The Meadows is for the passive enjoyment for Angelenos, visitors, and for the survival of the wildlife who call it home

Click here for a snapshot of how Silver Lake Together has advocated for the residents of Silver Lake on issues that impact us all.


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