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Truth Check

We thank the Eastsider for including Silver Lake Together (SLT) in their recent article on

the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Reservoirs Master Plan. And while we

understand the need for editing requested quotes, we disagree with the Eastsider’s

inference that SLT believes public comments “seemed to support keeping things the

same.” In fact, we think it is clear that the vast majority of Silver Lakers are

overwhelmingly opposed to the drastic changes proposed in the Master Plan.

For the record: here is the statement SLT submitted:

Based on hundreds of comments made by Silver Lake residents and stakeholders during

community workshops in 2019, in emails and phone messages, and in comments made

during public virtual committee and BOE meetings, the Silver Lake Together Advocacy

Team stands with the community and supports Alternative #1 (No Changes Made) offered

in the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex Draft Environmental Impact Report.

Silver Lake Together recognizes that traditional issues, such as the vigorous protection of

the wildlife species that make their homes in Silver Lake, are crucial factors in protecting

our urban environment. However, environmental issues are also equity issues. Silver Lake

is a park-rich, upper middle class neighborhood, and spending over $300 million dollars to

transform an already widely used and more than adequate park into a ‘global tourist

destination” is an irresponsible distribution of limited funds. We believe it is selfish to

deprive park-poor neighborhoods in Los Angeles of the mental and physical health

attributes recreation centers and open green spaces provide.


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