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What Some Want Versus What We Need

More than 100 people attended the November 14 virtual meeting of the SLNC Reservoir

Committee, an extremely high number for an advisory committee meeting. The only item

on the agenda was the Silver Lake Recreation Complex Master Plan Draft Environmental

Impact Report (DEIR). After two-plus hours of comments, the overwhelming majority of

those who attended (80 yes to 6 no) supported a motion that would require the SLNC

governing board to hold a special community meeting to discuss the SLRC DEIR before

taking a position. This decision is consistent with prior meetings' outcomes, including the

2019 in-person work group meetings, the more than 400 comments contained in the actual

DEIR, comments expressed during the October 2022 SLNC board meeting and Reservoir

Committee, Bureau Of Engineering meetings, and, most recently, during the Silver Lake

Reservoir Committee meeting.

Although there are some who’d like to “gaslight” Silver Lake residents, and use derogatory

dog whistles like “NIMBY," we are blessed to be a park rich community, including the

Silver Lake Recreation Center, which is and has always been open to ALL. The key

issues that concern the overwhelming majority of residents are quality of life disruptions,

such as noise, traffic/congestion, cost, years of construction, facility closures, and forced

relocation of wildlife. This is a question of what some WANT versus what Silver Lake

NEEDS. Make sure your voice is heard.

There is still time to submit your written comment at the Bureau of Engineering website here.

You don’t have to craft a long statement — a brief and simple sentence stating your

position will suffice and has just as much impact as a lengthy analysis. The comment

period is open until 5:00 p.m., Friday, December 2, 2022.

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