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What We Want or What We Need?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Approximately 34 people made public comments during the October 26 Board of

Engineering EIR meeting. Nineteen speakers chose Alternative #1 (DO NOTHING). Ten

speakers approved the proposed plans in the EIR. Four speakers chose Alternatives 2

and/or 3. One person made a comment, but didn’t state their position. In summary: of the

33 attendees who expressed an opinion, the majority were AGAINST the SLRC Master

Plan EIR. And if you were to include those who chose the less detrimental alternatives, it

is safe to say the overwhelming majority of attendees are AGAINST most if not all features

of the EIR as it is proposed, consistent with the public’s opinion since 2019. Yet the

unwanted project appears to be moving forward for a city council vote in 2023; residents

be damned.

Several attendees pointed out that there are countless communities in Los Angeles that

are truly “park poor,” with little or no access to parks or green spaces. Silver Lake, on the

other hand, is known for its easy access to numerous parks, including the existing Rec

Center, Bellevue Park, the L.A. River and Griffith Park. Speakers suggested that the

massive funds that would be devoted to the Reservoirs Complex would be more equitably

spent elsewhere. As one attendee pointed out, the community needs to think about “what

we want or would like versus what Silver Lake truly needs.”

Read the options in the EIR here.

Send your comments to SLRCMP Draft EIR Comments. The comment period has been extended to December 2.

As the BOE’s EIR states: the proposed project would result in significant and unavoidable

impacts as itemized below:

  • Noise during construction and during operation for special events

  • Vibration during construction

  • Closures to the Silver Lake Reservoirs Complex due to secondary impacts associated with noise during construction and during operation for special events

  • Cumulative noise during construction and during operation for special events

Read Chapter 5 of the full report here.

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