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When ASAP Means Nothing

Follow the saga of the shopping carts in this article by Anne-Marie Johnson, co-founder of Silver Lake Together. At times it will make you laugh but abandoned carts are a troubling symptom of a government that doesn’t care.

I first noticed an abandoned Home Depot shopping cart on November 22 during my

morning walk. It was parked in front of a home on the 2300 block of West Silver Lake

Drive. I reported it to Home Depot immediately and was given the typical “We’ll take care

of it ASAP” response. Nothing happened.

A few days later I contacted a company licensed by the city to pick up abandoned

shopping carts and their response was, “If there’s anything in the cart, we will not touch it.”

I assured them it was empty and they said they’d get to it “ASAP.” Still nothing.

While waiting for some kind of assistance, the shopping cart began to be

moved to different parts of West Silver Lake Drive, which turned into a game of

“whack a mole“.

Read more about the continuing saga of the shopping cart.


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