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Work Begins Monday on Reservoirs Aeration and Circulation Project

There are new heron nests within the reservoirs complex, fledglings are hatching, and the aeration and circulation project is slated to begin Monday, May 3. LADWP assures us that the construction project will not disturb the herons. A DWP biologist will survey the nests a week before work begins. (Again, the project starts this Monday.) While both projects

– aeration and recirculation – will benefit people and wildlife, this is a major construction project. It’s important that Silver Lake’s iconic herons, which only returned to the

reservoirs complex this year, along with migrating birds and wildlife, are protected.

According to the DWP project timeline, work will take place on the east side of the

reservoirs and have less impact on the herons that nest off West Silver Lake Boulevard. A

DWP spokesperson confirmed that construction will continue unless the department’s

biologist determines there should be a delay due to concerns about the herons. Pre-construction staging is scheduled for the week of May 3.

View the LADWP Project Report and map here.

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