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A New Chance to Protect Migratory and Resident Birds

he Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary reminds us that during the Trump Administration, many wildlife protective laws were weakened through legislative changes, notably the Migratory

Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) which protects all migratory birds. The Biden Administration has

already moved to begin revoking these changes and have also put forth the “America the

Beautiful” vision which includes important goals for expanding migratory corridors and

investing in habitat restoration. Members of Congress have also recently introduced The

Bird-Safe Building Act, and the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. However, these bills

have not yet become law.

According to the Sanctuary, the Silver Lake Reservoirs and their surrounding habitat

provide a resting stopover for thousands of birds who migrate along the Pacific Flyway, an

astonishing 4,000 miles from northern Alaska down the West Coast to the southern tip of South America and back again in the autumn. In May – the height of the spring migration –

Silver Lake’s night skies are filled with thousands of birds flying in a steady stream high

above us, invisible to the naked eye. They need all the protection we can give them.

“Now is the time to join with others who care about wildlife and birds,” said Freda Shen,

Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary. “Under President Biden, we have the chance to create

long-term positive change. We have an Administration that will lead and support us. This is

our chance to gain long-term protections.”


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