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Bigamist Builds Hillside Home

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

According to the Silver Lake History Collective, "Bigamist Builds Hillside Home” could easily have been the headline announcing the then-new Nin-Pole house in Silver Lake in 1962. Anaïs Nin had one husband in New York and a second one, Rupert Pole, here. He commissioned the house to be designed by his stepbrother Eric Lloyd Wright (Frank’s grandson) in the hopes it would tie Nin to her life here. It seems to have worked since she lived in the house from when it was built until her death in 1977. In the History Collective’s revelatory interview, Eric Lloyd Wright relates the story of this legendary home and its owners.

Watch the interview with Eric Lloyd Wright and son, Devon Wright, and wife, Tree Wright here.

Read the New York Times article on Anais Nin's Los Angeles hideaway here.

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