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Food Scrap Compost Program (Finally) Goes Citywide

Go ahead. Toss that banana peel in the green bin.

As of January 23, all @lacitysan customers can use their #greenbin to dispose of ALL

#foodscraps and food-soiled paper, along with #yardwaste, per #California #SB1383.

(Visit for more info and to pick up a free pail that can be used

for scraps before putting them in the green bin.) According to the Los Angeles Times , the

announcement comes a year after California enacted Senate Bill 1383, which required

people to separate food scraps from the rest of their trash. The city of Los Angeles rolled

out its composting program in 2019 but expanded slowly as new facilities and upgrades to

existing facilities to accommodate composting were completed.

Read how to compost here, courtesy of the LA Times.

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