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Immunocompromised Individuals Continue to Face Discrimination

SB411 could restore virtual government

meetings. (Photo by Ivan Samkov, Pexels)

Over the past months, Silver Lake Together has reached out to the City of Los Angeles Department of Disability to express concerns that immunocompromised individuals, who

cannot attend in-person meetings, are being discriminated against. After several

conversations and emails, we were told that those with disabilities related to their immune systems would continue to be disenfranchised and not be able to participate in government meetings, including city and neighborhood councils, until SB411, which would restore virtual meetings in part, wends its way through the state and city legislative labyrinth. The bill passed both houses of the state legislature and was received by Governor Newsom on September 11. Although the governor did not sign the bill, it appears to have become law since 12 days have passed since he received it. The city must now act on the measure, which we don’t expect to happen in the near future. In the meantime, if you are immunocompromised you won’t be able to participate in your government.

Click here for the status of SB411.
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