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Ivanhoe Reservoir Refill Planned for End of Year

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power’s Dawn Cotterell reports that refilling of the

Ivanhoe Reservoir will begin as early as this December. Ivanhoe’s level of water is low

due to work on the Silver Lake Reservoir Aeration and Recirculation Project. Water used in

the refill will come from the Pollock Wells near the Los Angeles River, which is not part of

LADWP’s potable (drinkable) water system.

Work on the reservoirs is part of the new recirculation and aeration project, which is being

constructed in two phases. During phase one, LADWP crews will install air compressors

that to increase oxygen levels in both reservoirs— and facilitate mixing of the water

overall. In phase two, LADWP crews will install recirculation pumps at an existing vault

near the Ivanhoe Reservoir to further blend the water and prevent stagnation. That phase

will require the complete draining of Ivanhoe, which will take place early next year.

Completion of the entire project is expected by Summer 2023.

The Silver Lake Reservoir Complex is an operational facility and LADWP maintains the

open water bodies, including water quality to control algae growth and reduce potential

odors from anaerobic (lack of oxygen) conditions.

Learn more about the Aeration Project here.



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