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Latest Silver Lake Crime Stats

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Senior Lead Officer Jose Ramirez, who serves the communities of Silver Lake and

Franklin Hills, reports the latest area crime statistics from February 5 to March 4. SLT

estimates that while crimes such as rape and robbery increased slightly since the January

report, crime in the area is stable, thanks to LAPD’s community policing efforts.

Homicide: 0

Rape: 2

Robbery: 4

Aggravated Assaults: 3

Gang Related Crimes: 0

Shots Fired: 0

Victim's Shot: 0

Burglary: 4

Theft: 11

Grand Theft Auto: 9

Burglary From Motor Vehicle: 26

Recovered Stolen Vehicles: 0

Violent Crimes: 1

Property Crimes: 14

SLO Ramírez also reports the City of Los Angeles continues to expand CIRCLE (Crisis

and Incident Response Through Community-Led Engagement). The program assists

LAPD with response teams that respond to non-urgent calls related to unhoused

individuals. LAPD encourages community members to contact CIRCLE by calling 1-877-


Contact information: for Senior Lead Officer Jose Ramirez #39570

Email: 39570@LAPD.Online

Front Desk: 323-561-3211

Direct Line: 213-793-0763

Looking for more crime stats? Click the link below:

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