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New Crimes Stats for Silver Lake, Vendor Enforcement at Reservoirs

According to SLO Jose Ramirez, new crime stats for Silver Lake and Franklin Hills (April 10 to May 7, 2022) show a decline in burglaries and burglaries from motor vehicles but a slight uptick in property crime. Stats for March 2 to April 6 were reported in the April 21 newsletter.

Crime statistics, April 10 to May 7

Homicide: 0

Rape: 0

Robbery: 2

Aggravated Assaults: 5

Gang Related Crimes: 1

Shots Fired: 1

Victim Shot: 0

Burglaries: 3

Theft: 11

Grand Theft Auto: 17

Burglary From Motor Vehicle: 25

Recovered Vehicles: 3

Violent Crimes: 3

Property Crimes: 11

Responding to concerns from area residents, LAPD is enforcing regulations for vendors working from mobile locations around the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex. Officers are planning a second day to educate vendors, check permits, and warn vendors not to conduct unauthorized sales at the Reservoirs.



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