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Rand Survey Questions Homeless Count Findings

A man washes a skillet outside his camp under a ramp linking the 110 to the 105 Freeway

in Los Angeles. (Photo, Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

L.A.’s 2023 homeless count has concluded, but according to a January 26 article in the

Los Angeles Times , a Rand Survey questions the validity of the annual “point in time”

count and suggests that the count is subject to error and limiting… ”its value as a measure

of trends and as a tool in policy decisions.” The Rand Study, conducted from 2021 t 2022,

also found a higher incidence of chronic homelessness. “Nearly 80% told Rand surveyors

they had been homeless more than a year and 57% for more than three years.”

Read the Los Angeles Times article.

Read the Rand Survey here.

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