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Silver Lake Crime Report

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Silver Lake’s acting senior lead officer, Jose Ramirez, reports a range of criminal activity

took place in the community from August 8 until September 14 from August 8 until September 14, including a homicide on Sunset Drive and 17 cases of grand theft auto. SLO Ramirez stated that while Silver Lake is one of the safest neighborhoods in LAPD’s Northeast Division, every citizen should hide valuables that are visible in their cars, garages, etc.

Report highlights include:

• Homicide on Sunset Drive

• Rapes, robberies and assaults—none reported

• Shots fired at Waterloo and Duane

• Burglaries—two on Sunset Boulevard, two in the 3100 block of Griffith Park

• 17 grand theft auto (mostly on Silver Lake Boulevard)

• 20 burglaries from motor vehicles (mostly on Easterly Street north of Sunset)

• Stolen recovered vehicle (2600 Block of Corralitas Drive)

• No violent crimes

• No property crimes



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