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Silver Lake Home Nominated as Historic City Landmark in Honor of Its Former Owner

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

According to The Eastsider, the two-story Silver Lake home where a pioneering African-American attorney once lived has been nominated as a historic city landmark. The article points out that “Loren Miller fought to let anyone - of any color - buy a home anyplace they could afford. (He was) considered one of the nation’s greatest civil rights attorneys, barely second in importance to his friend and colleague and sometime co-counsel Thurgood Marshall,” said author Amina Hassan in “Loren Miller: Civil Rights Attorney and Journalist.” Miller also worked as a journalist for Black-owned papers and was the owner of the now-defunct California Eagle.

Silver Lake Together co-founder Anne-Marie Johnson noted that the Miller family lived around the corner from where her father bought two plots of land right after World War II. “My older brothers and my parents (many years before I was born) were threatened and residents drafted a petition to deny my family moving into our newly-completed house. My parents fought against the petition and prevailed. We were the second African-American family to successfully move in and live in this part of Silver Lake.”

Photo by Barry Lank.

Read The Eastsider article on Loren Miller.


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