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Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary to the Rescue

Updated: May 27, 2021

In early May, a Silver Lake Wildlife Sanctuary member and her friend spotted a Great Blue Heron nestling that had fallen from its nest and was crouching stranded and motionless on the Ivanhoe pathway. Although it was camouflaged by Aleppo pines that hold three heron nests, the Ivanhoe pathway is frequented by people and dogs, and is dangerous for fallen

nestlings, who have not yet fledged their wing feathers and cannot fly. In this exposed location, it is highly unlikely that the adult herons could have helped it. It needed both protection and a rescue center to survive. And rescuers.

Read more about the rescue and what lies ahead for the baby heron here.

Help wildlife and birds in need:

For injured water birds (herons, gulls, etc.), call International Bird Rescue, (310) 514-2573;

For injured wildlife and birds (ducks, songbirds, hawks, etc.), call California Wildlife Center,

(310) 458-9453 for instructions and directions:

For Los Angeles Audubon, visit


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