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Smash and Grab Thieves Target Silver Lake

According to Silver Lake’s Senior Lead Officer Jose Ramirez, “smash and grab” robberies

have come to Silver Lake, making this retail crime a hot topic for the month. Smash and

grabs are a growing concern for businesses across Los Angeles, posing a significant

threat to their safety and financial stability. These quick and violent attacks typically involve

criminals swiftly breaking into a store, stealing valuables and making a rapid escape.

However, by taking proactive measures businesses can significantly minimize the risk of

such an incidence.

Quick advice:

  • Establish essential security measures for deterring smash and grab robberies.

  • Minimize the amount of cash onsite.

  • Educate employees about potential risks and train them to respond appropriately in dangerous situations.

  • Establish strong partnerships with local law enforcement agencies and file police reports.

  • Be sure your business is well lit, both inside and outside.

  • The physical layout and displays within a business impact its vulnerability.

  • Be sure security cameras are clearly displayed inside and outside the business.

  • Have a prevention plan that includes several provisions.


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