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Unarmed Crisis Response Teams Expand to Silver Lake and Surrounding Areas

Silver Lake’s Senior Lead Officer Jose Ramirez reports that the Crisis and Incident through

Community-Led Engagement (CIRCLE) program has expanded to include the Northeast,

Rampart, Newton, and Hollenbeck divisions of LAPD. The CIRCLE program was launched

as a pilot program in January 2022 in Hollywood and Central divisions and provides an

alternative response to non-emergency 911 calls that involve people experiencing

homelessness (PEH), such as non-urgent 911 and 877-ASK-LAPD calls related to

unhoused individuals. The program’s Crisis Response Teams (CRTs) are composed of

three members, a mental or behavioral health clinician and two crisis or homeless

outreach practitioners. CIRCLE responders are not armed and do not perform law

enforcement duties or responsibilities. CIRCLE is not intended or equipped to respond to

violent situations or life-threatening emergencies. The City of Los Angeles launched the

pilot program in January 2022. As of November 2022, there have been over 2,300

911/877-ASK-LAPD calls diverted and managed by CIRCLE and over 12,400 incidents

proactively addressed by CIRCLE teams.


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