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Video Tells Story of Silver Lake's Pioneer Asian Architect Eugene Kinn Choy

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

A famous Eugene Kinn Choy commission is the 1962 Cathay Bank headquarters in the heart of Chinatown, which balances Corporate Modernism of the 1950s with decorative elements that recall dynastic palace architecture of the Ming and Qing eras. The firm is known for pioneering Modern architecture design.

According to the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, fewer than one in

five new architects identify as racial or ethnic minorities, and approximately two in five are


Silver Lake’s Eugene Kinn Choy was the second Chinese-American to become a

member of the American Institute of Architects and overcame unimaginable obstacles to

become one of America’s foremost architects. He was the first Chinese-American

graduate of the USC School of Architecture (1939) and founded a successful firm inherited

by his sons.

The Silver Lake History Collective interviewed Eugene Kinn Choy’s son Barton in a

fascinating—and provocative— video.



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